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Crash Course Software

Crash Course Software Kit

EdCloud Crash Course Software Kit is a Web Based Application that allows the students to prepare for their respective Crash Course Online Exam.

Since, all the crash course If you have any doubts and wish to know about immediately read the product description given on the back side of the pill box, conducted in Online Mode and if a candidate is going to appear for exam in online format then he / she must get prepared in a similar environment.

It is very useful tool, user-friendly and automated. EdCloud Crash Course Kit is the best Software to prepare for timer-based,objective-type (MCQ) exams.


Its simple to add and maintain Students database.

You can create exam in chapter-wise for students.

Its very easy to post questions and assign correct answer for that.

Branch Option is available in our software.

Options will be in MCQ(Multiple Choice Question).

Results will be published instantly after the completion of the exam.


It is user-friendly.

Student can get knowledge of the online exam environment.

Allows you to post bulk question without complexity(Allows you to add n number of questions).

Time-efficient,paperless,automated software.

We have got branch option in our software,you can set question paper for those branches.

Get Instant Results.


Timline- Displays overall information about student exam, feedback, fee-management etc.,

Catalog, Exam-Category, Offline Exam, Online Exam.

Add, Delete, Edit, Maintain Student details.

Maintain Attendance System of the students and shows the status.

Add Bulk Questions.

Instant Result, Maintain Worksheet, Feedback, Fee-Management

Why Choose Us

User-Friendly Interface

Reliable & Secured

Nominal Price Rate.